🏀 A guide to the NBA’s 2024 All-Star Weekend
🏀 A guide to the NBA’s 2024 All-Star Weekend
This feature is the second in a season-long partnership with the NBA, where, alongside their REPRESENT campaign, we’ll be celebrating the next generation of Canadian NBA stars.
February 12, 2024
🏆 Next stop: natty
NCAA winter sports’ postseasons kick off
Winter sports’ postseasons have officially begun! Conference championships are happening in three sports this weekend, and while winning doesn’t guarantee teams a spot in their respective national tournaments, this hardware is still a BFD.
February 23, 2024
📺 The limit does not exist
Athletes Unlimited expands ESPN broadcasting deal to include coverage of all four leagues
On Wednesday, Athletes Unlimited (AU) announced that all four of its month-long pro women’s sports leagues — basketball, softball, volleyball, and lacrosse — will broadcast games on ESPN platforms. The deal is a multiyear renewal of the entertainment network’s previous agreement with AU, which saw impressive viewership growth YoY.
February 23, 2024
💰 She’s all that
New data reveals that women’s sports’ sponsorship deals increased by 22% YoY
SponsorUnited data recently revealed that the number of sponsorship deals in pro women’s sports increased by over 22% YoY thanks to more than 5.5K deals last year. These numbers further prove the marketability of women athletes, who also see consistently higher rates of engagement.
February 23, 2024
😡 Ex-Nebraska women’s basketball player groomed by coach
Former Nebraska women’s basketball player sues school and staff after a coach-initiated inappropriate relationship
News broke Monday that former Nebraska women’s basketball player and current UNLV guard Ashley Scoggin is suing Nebraska’s board of regents as well as current and former athletic department staff for inappropriate actions taken after ex-assistant coach Chuck Love allegedly groomed and sexually abused her from 2021 to 2022.
February 21, 2024
⚖️ Crossover event
Stephen vs. Sabrina contest illustrates various benefits of NBA–WNBA collaboration
Last Saturday’s Stephen vs. Sabrina 3-point challenge was the first formal competition between an NBA and WNBA player during All-Star Weekend. Seeing the athletes on equal footing proves we’re beyond the “Battle of the Sexes” dichotomy — fans simply want to see legends of the game compete, something that will help both leagues.
February 21, 2024
🏀 Missed connection
NBC misses historic opportunity to air Caitlin Clark in order to promote Peacock
NBC has been enjoying the perks of the Caitlin Clark Effect, but when it came to airing her historic NCAA moment, the network didn’t put the game on linear television — a decision that not only cost them a larger audience, but also likely impeded the momentum of Clark’s popularity.
February 21, 2024
🏀 The rest is still unwritten
Caitlin Clark breaks the all-time NCAA women’s scoring record
February 16, 2024
No. 4 Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark is now the all-time NCAA women’s basketball leading scorer with a whopping 3,569 points, sealing the deal with a signature logo three while dropping a career-high 49 points in last night’s 106–89 win over Michigan.
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 A WTF from Nebraska women’s basketball & soccer updates
Ep #342

A WTF from Nebraska women’s basketball & soccer updates

February 22, 2024

Hi there!

Content warning: This episode contains mention of grooming, sexual abuse, and bullying.

On today’s episode of The GIST of It, co-host Steph Rotz and guest host Lauren Tuiskula start off with a seriously disturbing story out of NCAA basketball. A former Nebraska player filed a lawsuit earlier this week alleging that her former assistant coach groomed and sexually abused her. Steph and Lauren dig into the details, along with the troubling pattern of female athlete abuse by their school’s athletic staff. Absolutely horrific.

Part two features lighter news, though, with the kick-off of some exciting North American soccer action. The CONCACAF W Gold Cup is officially underway, featuring both the No. 2 USWNT and No. 10 CanWNT gearing up for this summer’s Olympics. Meanwhile, the new MLS season is about to enter full swing, highlighted by even more Messi mania. Footy, footy, footy, rockin’ everywhere.

🗣️ Show Notes:

Ep #341: History on the NBA All-Star hardwood & the CONCACAF W Gold Cup pitch

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February 16, 2024