Ep #377

Team USA’s newest Olympians & a Wimbledon preview

July 02, 2024
Team USA’s newest Olympians & a Wimbledon preview

Hey there!

On today’s episode of The GIST of It, co-hosts Ellen Hyslop and Steph Rotz recap all the thrilling moments from the US Olympic Gymnastics and Track & Field trials, which wrapped up on Sunday. Then, the gals shift gears to the grassy courts of Wimbledon, previewing The Championship underway across the pond.

A big thank you to our friends at Aflac for powering today’s episode! Just like The GIST tackles the gap in women’s sports coverage, Aflac closes the gap that health insurance leaves behind. Learn more at aflac.com/thegist.

And one more shoutout to Canadian Tire, who’s partnering with us to send GISTers to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (!!!). Visit https://ca.thegistsports.com/contest/paris-olympics/ to enter by telling us how women’s sports have impacted you. Bonne chance!

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