Ep #302

WNBA playoff preview and more male misogyny

September 12, 2023
WNBA playoff preview and more male misogyny

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Content warning: This episode contains mention of sexual assault and harassment.

Buckle up, because today’s episode of The GIST of It is full of ups and downs. Co-host Steph Rotz and guest host Dee Lab start off with the good news, previewing the first two WNBA playoff series before the postseason tips off on Wednesday.

Then for part two, the gals kick it over to a major soccer update: Disgraced Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales finally resigned on Sunday, but there’s still much more to come in this seemingly never-ending saga.

And to close things out, Steph and Dee chat through the latest from Michigan State University, where head football coach Mel Tucker is on unpaid leave amid horrifying sexual harassment allegations against him. Why must men…?

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