General Glossary



Generally a highlight is the best thing that happened in a game, match, tournament, etc. The “Highlight of the Night” is usually a play that is absolutely incredible, jaw-dropping, something you want to watch again and again. 


This means that you are winning half of your games. As a team, you definitely want to be winning more than half of your games which would be “above .500”.


Think of your favorite Netflix series made up of consecutive episodes. In sports, a series is made up of consecutive games against the same team. You hear this most often during the playoffs when teams play a ‘best-of-five’ or ‘best-of-seven’ series against one other team.


When one team wins a series without the other team winning a single game. GET OUT THE BROOMS!


A player’s first year in the pros. Similar to being a freshman in college.


Most valuable player. That’s it!


Stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time’ *inserts goat emoji and picture of Tom Brady*


When an athlete is playing for one team, but gets moved to another team in return for another player, draft picks, money, etc. Similar to trading Pokemon cards.


Unrestricted free agent. When players join a professional team, they are provided a contract outlining years, salary, caveats, etc. When that contract is over, they usually become an unrestricted free agent, unless other factors and restrictions come into play. Then they become a restricted free agent.

Draft / Draft Pick

Professional leagues hold a draft at the beginning of each season. The draft is where teams try to suss out the next big superstar. The players usually come from college or the highest level of amateur leagues. Generally, there is a lottery to see which team gets to pick first. The teams with the worst records the previous season are provided a better chance to get top pick to try and even things out. Getting the No. 1 draft pick can seriously change your franchise's future.

Shut out

When the goalie/team doesn’t allow a single goal the entire game. Super impressive.

Injured Reserve (IR)

Stands for injured reserve. When players get hurt, they can go onto what’s called the “IR”. When they get put on this list it “frees up” a spot on the roster so that another player can be called up.