Expand your footy fandom
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Break out your best goal celly, GISTer, because The Soccer Help Desk has officially launched. In collaboration with our pals at BMO, we’ve created a website hub dedicated to all things footy, making it easier than ever to expand your growing interest in the game.

  • Here at The GIST, we’re all about making all fans feel welcome in the sports world — that’s why partnering with BMO to build The Soccer Help Desk was a no-brainer.
  • BMO is the “Bank of Soccer” and a longtime supporter of The GIST, making them the best partner to help us grow the game across North America. The perfect assist.
A soccer player with their foot on a soccer ball
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📚 What can I find in The Soccer Locker?

Glad you asked. The Soccer Help Desk is a one-stop shop for all of our Canadian footy content, on and off the pitch, to info on Project 8, the Great White North’s new pro soccer league.

  • Plus, all of The GIST’s latest articles on Canada’s favorite NWSL and MLS squads will be part of The Soccer Help Desk, in addition to any of our podcast episodes or social media posts about footy in The North.

Thanks to BMO and The Soccer Help Desk, it’s never been easier to be an informed and excited soccer fan. Happy reading!

A soccer team posing for a photo in front of a goal
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