College sports Q&A second edition

June 26, 2023
Here's the second edition of our summer school Q&A

Q: What does it mean to be an NCAA “emerging sport?”

A: In response to the Gender Equity Task Force’s recommendations, the NCAA created the Emerging Sports for Women program in 1994. Managed by the NCAA’s Committee on Women’s Athletics, the program helps schools provide more opportunities for sporty gals to compete collegiately (and satisfy Title IX requirements).

  • To achieve full NCAA status, emerging sports must grow to 40 programs within 10 years (or show significant progress). If they don’t, they could be booted back to club status. RIP, archery and squash.

Go deeper: The gals of rowing, ice hockey, water polo, bowling, and beach volleyball all owe their championship status to the program. Check out how the current emerging sports, like equestrian, rugby, and wrestling, are faring in the NCAA’s latest update.

Are there college sports topics you’d like to better understand? From “Who’s the winningest coach in NCAA history?” to “What’s your favorite Mike Leach quote?” — ask us anything NCAA using this two-question survey.