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Week 10 in College Football


After this weekend, we should know the college football playoff picture.

November 05, 2020

The GIST: It’s been a week full of stress, drama and uncertainty, but we’ll finally have clarity after this weekend…for the college football playoff picture! With the MAC and Pac-12 debuting this week and a handful of top-ranked teams squaring off, Week 10 results should offer a more definitive playoff outlook. Hey, we’ll take any win at this point.

Tell me more: Sure thing! But first, speaking of wins, we want to celebrate the fact that Division 1 NCAA student-athletes were mandated to take November 3rd as an off day to ensure they could participate in civic engagement.

So awesome! And what’s going on in football?: Back in August, the MAC became the first FBS conference to cancel their fall football season. The Pac-12 followed suit a few days later. But both conferences recently reversed their decisions and are starting their seasons this week. As if our heads weren’t already spinning.

  • The MAC, the only FBS conference to play a predominately weekday schedule, opened up play last night. Although the MAC doesn’t boast a national championship contender, all eyes will still be on the MACtion, mostly because it’s usually the only football on TV on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • The Pac-12 kicks things off this Saturday. Because of their delayed return, teams will play a condensed seven-game, conference-only schedule. Despite being late to the party, No. 12 Oregon still has a shot, and the Ducks are the conference’s best chance to make a playoff run. May the odds be ever in their favor.