Chicago: The more ya know

May 6, 2021
This week from the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls
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Chicago: The more ya know
Source: Aaron Doster/AP Photo

⚾️Cubs: The Cubs completed their series sweep of the LA Dodgers, winning 6–5 in extra innings last night. The Cubbies’ offense performed well consistently throughout the series, something the North Siders have struggled to do thus far. Fly that W!

White Sox: With two outs at the bottom of the 10th inning, the White Sox had an opportunity to tie the game against the Cincinnati Reds yesterday. Instead, manager Tony LaRussa directed center fielder Leury García to steal second. He was swiftly tagged out, and the South Siders lost 1–0. Y tho?

  • What makes this puzzling decision even worse? Pitcher Liam Hendriks — who’s only been on base twice (!!!) in his career — was on third and could have scored.
  • Even if LaRussa didn’t trust his pitcher to make it home (because, fair), he could have subbed first baseman Jose Abreu for Hendriks, thanks to the new extra-innings rules which began in 2020. Too bad LaRussa didn't know about that one. Buh-bye, Tony.

🏀Bulls: After missing 11 games due to COVID-19, shooting guard Zach LaVine is finally returning to the court tonight against the Charlotte Hornets at 7 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. CT. The Bulls have suffered a four-game skid, so hopefully the stud’s return will spark a change.