New York: Hey now, you’re an All-Star

March 4, 2021
The GIST: It’s All-Star season in the NBA, and New York has four to claim: the Nets’ Kevin Durant, Irving, and Harden are joined by the Knicks’ Julius Randle. While you might’ve heard of this Nets trio before, we want to get to know Randle.
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New York: Hey now, you’re an All-Star
Source: Chris Schwegler/Getty Images

On the court: Like many NBAers, Randle was drafted after a stand-out freshman year with the Kentucky Wildcats. In 2014, the LA Lakers selected Randle seventh overall, and he went on to spend four seasons with the team. The Knicks signed him in 2019 after he spent one season with the New Orleans Pelicans.

  • While Randle has always been a player-to-know in the league, this is the first season in which he’s truly shone. He’s on track to earn a career-high in points, rebounds, and assists in a season. Growth mindset, baby.

Off the court: The 26-year-old Dallas native has loved basketball since the age of three. He learned how to play tough from his mother, Carolyn Kyles, who played basketball at the University of Texas at Arlington. He still wears No. 30, the number she wore. And now his son does too. S’cute.