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Philadelphia: All Drama and No Wins for the Phillies


June 24, 2021
Source: Phillies/Twitter
Source: Phillies/Twitter

🏀Sixers: If you’re still grieving the Sixers’ Game 7 loss, same. While pretty much everyone has cast their blame on Ben Simmons’ scoring struggles, there’s also merit to the argument that head coach Doc Rivers failed to set the team up for success. But you didn’t hear it from us.

  • Many are calling for Simmons to be traded, but the All-Star’s trade valuation is doomed to drop, so we’re more interested in the Sixers helping him develop his mental game — and maybe rethinking the way Rivers used him. After all, it’s a process, right? 

⚾️Phillies: The Phillies blew a five-run lead in the fifth and a four-run lead in the sixth, only to rally all the way back...and blow their lead yet again in the ninth to lose 13–12 to the Washington Nationals yesterday. A roller coaster. The highlight of the ride? Andrew McCutchen’s grand slam making some MLB history

  • The Phils didn’t bring home a win over the Nats on Tuesday either, but manager Joe Girardi brought the drama when he asked officials to search Nats pitcher Max Scherzer for banned substances, after they already checked Scherzer twice earlier in the game. 
  • Whether we fault a nervous manager or a bratty pitcher, it didn’t help the Phils add another to the win column, and at three games below .500, that’s all we care about.