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Philadelphia: Phillies playoff outlook in question


The GIST: The Phillies beat the Boston Red Sox 5โ€“4 yesterday to win the series 2-1, but ahead of the All-Star break, our minds are on October.

July 12, 2021
Source: Mike Carlson/AP
Source: Mike Carlson/AP

Yesterday: Even with a few players โ€” including scheduled starting pitcher Aaron Nola โ€” being scratched from the game due to COVID-19 protocols, the Philliesโ€™ bullpen held it together as six different pitchers took the mound to keep the threatening Sox at bay. Teamwork, baby. 

October: And while we love a winning weekend, we canโ€™t help but worry about the real possibility that this season will extend the Philliesโ€™ playoff drought to 10 postseason-less years. To avoid that, the Phils either need to win their division, the National League (NL) East, or earn one of two NL wild-card bids. 

  • Right now, itโ€™s likely that two NL West teams will earn both wild-card spots, meaning the Phils probably need to win their division. Though theyโ€™re now above .500, itโ€™s going to be hard to pull ahead of the division-leading NY Mets. 

MLB Draft: Looking towards the future, the 2021 MLB Draft began last night, and the Phils selected pitcher Andrew Painter No. 13 overall. Keep up-to-date on all the picks here