NFL Week 8: Trick or treat yourself

October 28, 2022
Picking the week's best bets.
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NFL Week 8: Trick or treat yourself

Bust out the quarter zips, it’s time for another NFL football Sunday.

  • We’re opening up our trick or treating bags early, asking the football goddesses for the sports betting equivalent of full-size candy bars and none of those little boxes of raisins.

Last week I went 1-2 on Lex’s Picks, only cashing on Josh Jacobs over 80.5 rushing yards thanks to his explosive Sunday.Not quite a passing grade, but nothing wrong with a little room for improvement.

  • While I’m far from a pro gambler, I enjoy sharing the world of sports betting with our GISTers and helping you to learn a little bit along the way!

My first pick of the week is a simple moneyline bet (aka picking the winner), as I’m a big fan of the Tennessee Titans (-146) taking the road victory over the Houston Texans.

  • The reason is simple: Derrick freakin’ Henry. The Titans running back is well known for his ability to bust through a defensive line like it’s a playground game of Red Rover. And the Texans just happen to be allowing the most rushing yards in the league. Big uh oh.

I’ll toss that together with a couple of quarterback (QB) prop bets (aka bets not directly tied to the outcome of a game).

  • NY Giants QB Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones has been a fantasy favorite this season because he likes to run the ball almost as much as he likes to throw it. I’m taking the over 39.5 on his rushing yards, a mark he’s achieved three times already this season.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles are the last undefeated standing. And coming off a bye week, their streak should continue today as they face a struggling Pittsburgh Steelers squad. I’m expecting Eagles QB Jalen Hurts to take flight, and therefore taking the over (231.5) on his passing yards.

Have fun and wager responsibly!