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New York: THE Super Bowl


The GIST: The Islanders dropped another to the Philadelphia Flyers, the Knicks lost to the LA Clippers, and the Nets...well, we’re not ready to talk about their loss to the Washington Wizards yet. So, with the Super Bowl right around the corner, this week we’re doing something different: taking a trip down memory lane to when our football teams were world champions.

February 01, 2021
Source: NewYorkJets.com
Source: NewYorkJets.com

The Jets: The Jets have won only one Super Bowl in franchise history, and it’s been a minute: it was the third-ever matchup between conference champions and the first time the game was dubbed the “Super Bowl.” In 1969, head coach Weeb Ewbank and QB “Broadway Joe” Namath led the Gang Green to a 16–7 victory over the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts. 

  • Some things never change: the Jets were major underdogs heading into the championship. The Colts were on a tear in the playoffs, and to add to the pressure, Namath famously guaranteed the team’s victory three days before the game. Bold. 

The game: It was a defensive duel, with each team scoring only one touchdown. The Jets won thanks to grit (because of course, it’s the Jets) and three field goals by kicker Jim Turner. 

  • Known as one of the biggest upsets in all of sports, it’s also the only historical Super Bowl matchup which can never happen again, as the Jets and Colts are now in the same conference. 
  • While we love re-living the Namath glory days, hopefully recently hired head coach Robert Saleh can help usher in a new period of Jets dominance starting in 2021. For now, we wait and see.